What cookies does Velaro use and how can I disable them?

Velaro will create up to 5 cookies in your browser with different purposes, they are the following:

ASP.NET_SessionId: This cookie is used to authenticate your control panel ID and expires a the end of the users session.

VSVR: Stores an ID for what Velaro server the visitor is currently connected to, and expires after 12 hours.

ASVR: Stores an ID for what Velaro server your Agent is connected to only if they are using the Velaro Webclient, and expires after 2 minutes.

Velaront_XXXX: Determines the first time(that day) that the visitor has visited the website, and expires at the end of the day.

Velarovisitor_XXXX: Collects visitor information( full list below) and this cookie is not set to expire.

ID = Unique visitor ID
SITEID = Id of the velaro customer that the visitor is visiting
NAME = Name of Visitor
EMAIL = Email address of the visitor
USERID = Unique userid of the visitor
LASTCHAT = Date of the visitor’s last chat
CREATED = Date this cookie was created
VT = The amount of time the visitor has visited this site
RET = Is the visitor returning
CRMID = Unique ID of the visitor within the customer’s CRM system
CRMRT = CRM Record Type the visitor is stored

**Note that XXXX is used in place of your account's siteID**

Both the Velaront_XXXX and Velarovisitor_XXXX cookie can be disabled if your site falls under specific restrictions or requirements. To do this follow these steps:

1. Log into the Velaro Control Panel(cp.velaro.com) with your administrative user.
2. Navigate to the Settings>Chat Settings section and expand the option for Visitor Monitoring
3. Uncheck the option for 'Use Cookies' and click apply.

With those cookies disabled they will not be placed into your visitors browsers, but keep in mind that any visitor data collected by those will not be available in the real time visitor monitoring within the Agent Desktop.

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